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The 52 Hour Tattoo Session

December 26, 2009

“Nick Thunberg’s body was swollen and sore after a marathon tattoo session where he endured more than 52 hours of needle on skin.

Artist Jeremy Brown was sleep-deprived, back-cramped, and raw-fingered from gripping the machine over the course of three days…’I don’t look at it just like a publicity stunt,’ Brown said. ‘If you can do something like that, it shows a lot about your character to be able to endure the things you have to endure to accomplish this. You learn a lot about yourself when you challenge yourself.’

I love this quote from Artist Jeremy Brown.  This is something that to me is central to the tattoo process.  I firmly believe that a tattoo is earned.  The pain that one goes through in getting tattooed is a test of mental fortitude in many ways.  I have experienced moments in every tattoo session that made me want to quit.  In those moments there is nothing in the world but the tip of that needle.  I value those moments; in fact, I would go so far as to say that I cherish them.  In spite of the searing pain, or perhaps more aptly, because of it, I’ve never been as  present or “in the moment” as I am during the crescendo of each session. Perhaps a lot of people out there don’t realize it, but as Jeremy Brown notes in the article, getting tattooed can be a character building experience.  If you don’t believe me, go get tattooed for even 3 hours much less 6, 12 or 52 and then come back and tell me it didn’t change your perspective on a few things.  As I have maintained throughout this blog, there is a lot more to tattoos than pretty pictures.

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